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Our homes are built using the Firth Masonry Villa system with Ribraft and Unispan floors along with Hotbloc walls finished with solid plaster. These products combined with innovative design provide critical benefits such as superior thermal and noise insulation.

Ribraft flooring system

Used for ground floors, Ribraft provides up to five times the insulation of conventional concrete floors. The system also offers increased strength and resistance to cracking and can incorporate finished coloured and/or polished concrete floors.



These unique concrete blocks have built-in insulation in the form of a polystyrene insert. They provide the structural strength and insulation for the exterior walls of our masonry homes.


A precast concrete flooring system for upper floors. Reduces the need for expensive beams and maximise acoustic insulation. And there is no chance of squeaky floors.


The benefits of the Masonry System include:

  • Thermal performance - Concrete's dense mass provides passive solar capabilities for a more comfortable home. Cool in summer, warm in winter with reduced energy costs. Energy-efficient underfloor heating can be incorporated in concrete floors
  • Healthy - Easily maintained, constant, comfortable temperatures provide a healthier home environment for everyone, especially asthma sufferers
  • Quiet - Superior sound insulation means noise from outside and from other rooms within the home
  • No creaks - No squeaky floor boards, plus none of the creaks and groans produced by other less stable materials
  • Versatility of design - From compact, contemporary townhouses to expansive country homesteads, we can design and build Masonry villas of all styles
  • Thick walls - 200mm thick exterior Hotbloc walls allow doors and windows with deep reveals, providing a genuine solid look
  • Permanence - Very few building materials can offer the durability, long life and low maintenance of solid masonry
  • Earthquake proof - Masonry villas are as safe as any other building system and more likely to remain serviceable in a moderate to severe earthquake
  • Fire safety - Completely fire resistant, concrete will survive most fires with only superficial damage, plus inhibit and control the spread of fire
  • Pest proof - The solid structure of Masonry villas cannot be attacked by vermin or insects and provides no cavities for them to hide in


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