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Architectural Contracts
Allwood Manning's business focus is architectural contracts. Communication is the most important aspect of our process and we strive to ensure you are well informed at all times so your expectations are met.

Design and Build
We will also complete a limited number of design and build contracts a year for people who specifically value a quality masonry home. This service includes:

  • Land sourcing and perusal
  • Initial scheme designs and budgets
  • Detailed designs
  • House construction  
  • Interior design and colour consultancy
  • Landscaping design and development
  • A fixed price contract
  • A seven year Master Build Guarantee  
  • Renovations
    Renovating a home can be a stressful time. Allwood Manning makes the job as hassle-free as possible by being involved in the intial design of the project, overseeing the purchase and delivery of materials, assembling a team of craftsmen for the actual construction and efficiently managing all stages to ensure you experience the minimum disruption.

    Because of the difficult nature of major renovation projects, we prefer to work on a cost plus basis rather than a fixed price. As with our new homes, all designs, specifications and budgets are determined before you sign an Additions and Alterations contract with us.

    To view details of the Masonry Products we use, click here... 

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